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Digitization in logistics and transport industry

According to a survey by logisTIcs, 92% of respondents believe that digitization will add value for freight forwarders, while 68% of respondents think that traditional freight forwarders remain relevant.

Nowadays digitalization is very important. The question is how many freight forwarders are are ready for that and how does digitalization affect their processes? Almost all of traditional freight forwarders have websites, where you can find services they offer. More advanced online freight forwarders include documentation and other details on their site. Some of freight forwarders usually have a “quote request” function. According to survey by iContainers, 40% of all freight forwarders take up to seven days to provide customers with a quote.

At Cargo Market, we are constantly trying to improve efficiency and transparency in our work. Using our services, you will be able to find the best transport solution very fast and easy. Don’t be afraid of losing human touch. Behind the online service and all the paperwork you have someone to lean on, who cares of the whole shipping process. Digitalizacion and working in a cloud platform just makes it more transparent and easy.