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Ocean freight - the best way for cargo transport

Ocean freight is one of the oldest industries in the world. Trade with ships is old for centuries. At the beginning seafarers traded food, spices and jewels. Today, it remains one of the leading forms of transportation.

Modern container shipping industry this year celebrates it’s 64th birthday. It started in 1955 when an entrepreneur from North Carolina Malcolm P. McLean bought a steamship company. He wanted to transport entire containers of trucks instead of having to load and unload them individually. He invested in the Ideal X, an oil tanker, and modified it to hold the containers. On April 26th 1956, the Ideal X departed New Jersey for Houston. That was the first ever journey of a shipping container.

Freight exchange should provide the best and most secure organization of goods transportation. It is also important which type of transport to choose. The transport of goods by ship in transport containers is greener form of transport compared to trucks and planes.

At any time there are about 20 million containers making their journey across the world’s seas! The most commonly shipped items are food, clothing, furniture, and electronics.

However, it is neither at least easy nor cheap to produce a container ship. The construction and production of the largest ships used for this purpose cost 200 million dollars. Bearing in mind that the engine of ship that kind is 1,000 times stronger than the engine of the average family car, it should not be surprising that the production of such a ship is expensive and long process.

Freight exchange offers many options to choose an appropriate way of sending a shipment. Depending on the type and characteristics of the package, you should choose the best solution.