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Top 10 shipping fun facts

Do you know that almost everything we daily use is transported via ships? Yes, we mean everything. Our furniture, clothes, even food. Roughly 90% of all world trade still travels by ship. There are many reasons for that. For example, shipping is cheap and the greenest way to transport goods worldwide.

Here are 10 fun facts about shipping  - the oldest industry in the world:

The largest ship in the world can carry and transport the Eiffel tower comfortably.

The most commonly shipped items are food, clothing, furniture, and electronics.

At any given time, there are about 20 million shipping containers making their journey across the seas.

Shipping by boat is more eco-friendly alternative compared to trucks and planes. Although, it’s a slower way to transport goods.

A container ship engine has about 1,000 times more power than an average family car. The largest engine of a transport ship ever built is as high as 17 meters!

If you line all the containers in the world up on one ship, that ship would stretch half way around the planet.

About 97% of all shipping containers are made in China. That’s due to the lower labor costs. Also, it’s easier to manufacture the container close to where most of the world’s products are produced.

The biggest ship can contain 18,000 containers. That means it can store more than 745 million bananas. That would be one banana for each European!

Only 2-10% of containers are actually inspected.

Around 33% of ship crews in the world have no means of communication while they are on the open sea. Only 10% have any kind of internet access.