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Cargo Market

CARGO MARKET is online shipping portal (cloud based) for freight exchange which helps in daily logistics. It speed up shipping process and make it much easier and more transparent than ever before. It is suitable for any shipment and any transport mode (AIR, SEA, ROAD, COURIER).

Main advantage of this  unique platform are:

- Company and company users manage its own profile

- Cloud based application accessible anytime and anywhere (no need for installation, just need active account and internet connection)

- Applicable for any shipment (from express/parcel to project shipments) and any transport mode (AIR, FTL, LTL, FCL, LTL, CEP etc.)

- Customer can choose the  provider (transport company or agent) based on its rating and reviews, which can be very important criteria along with price and transit time

- Reviews – users are asked and encouraged to give objective review of the service provided/received, based on selected criteria helping all to make a distinction between

- Support in selection process to find best shipping option between the available quotations comparing different criteria (price, transit time, provider profile)

- Free registration and loyalty program (bonus) for users – more details available on request

Welcome to CARGO MARKET - sign in and enjoy unique shipping experience!

  • How it works

    • The main idea was to make the shipping process as easier as possible. Once the company applies for registration, we receive the application and process it in a shortest time. Once the registration is confirmed, you are ready to start. You can chose to apply as CUSTOMER (freight owners, shippers etc.) if you offer freight for shipping, PROVIDER (carriers, agents, forwarding companies) is you offer transport services or both if you have to offer freight for transport and transport services (e.g. forwarding companies).

      Every company has its own company administrator (originally user who send the application) who can add and manage company users with its roles, defining the rights (who can see what and who can change what – view/edit rights) within the company. Company administrator creates and updates company profile. Each user creates and updates its own profile. Most of data needed for using the application is already defined in global reference data, but there is an option also to create some of its own by the company itself.

      Once the setup and preferences are done you can start. The booking process is split in several steps:

      - Send request for quotation - RFQ
      - Send/receive quotation – QT
      - Compare quotations - CQ
      - Send booking request - BR
      - Confirm booking request – BC
      - Sign transport order – TO
  • Features

    • CARGO MARKET offers various features making the platform real shipping portal where the whole shipping process can be done from one place. Users (customer and providers) have different tools to send and receive quotation, bookings and transport orders. All communication related to request (RFQ) can go through CARGO MARKET MESSENGER. Any important information goes through NOTIFICATION TOOLBAR (every request, booking confirmation, transport order or message). Users have DASHBOARD for quick view over the activities and can use different REPORTS to follow up the process and activities. One of the things that make the application unique are NEGOTIATION TOOLBAR and VISIBILITY GROUPS where customer can make RFQ open only to selected providers (for example can be open for quotation only to approved transport providers).
  • Effcient shipping solution

    • CARGO MARKET is a single platform for booking any shipment (AIR, FTL, LTL, FCL, LCL, CEP – Courier/Express/Parcel). Whenever you have a shipment with its characteristics (GW, LxDxH/VOL, Handling requirements) to be moved from one place to another in specific timeframe, you just need to upload request for quotation on CARGO MARKET and choose one of the options offered by various providers. You can compare offers by price, by transit time or by providers rating just in few clicks. Sign in and start making savings on shipping cost.

      Main task in efficient cargo transport is to create additional value to the products by having it delivered to the right place, in the right time and in the proper condition with minimal cost. CARGO MARKET mission is to find best option to have it done. With CARGO MARKET you can find best carrier or agent who will provide best transport option in a most effective way and make savings over 20% on shipping cost in short time.

      Save time, save money, increase productivity - CARGO MARKET.
  • Secure and reliable solutions

    • The application is built in latest cloud based technology. All transactions are encrypted, visible only by authorized parties and all data are hosted on safest servers and highly protected and every activity is recorded in application logs. Although the application is safe and easy to use, we provide full customer support if need any assistance with the application.
  • Easy to use

    • CARGO MARKET is online shipping portal (cloud based) for freight exchange which helps in daily logistics. It speed up shipping process and make it much easier and more transparent than ever before. It is suitable for any shipment size and any transport mode (AIR, SEA, ROAD, COURIER). Sign up for free and send requests, quotations, bookings and transport orders online.

      Intuitive design Comes with clear and easy understanding forms and menus and does not require any special knowledge and skills.

      Transparent The entire process from sending the request to signing transport order is completely transparent. Customer can compare offers by price, by transit time and by providers rating and reviews, so he can choose between cheapest, fastest or most reliable offer or choose the optimal offer taking into consideration all these elements.

      Cloud-based All you need for the application is open account (which is free of charge) and internet connection. So it means you can use CARGO MARKET anytime and anywhere.