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General Terms And Conditions

The user of CARGO-MARKET.COM portal has read and agrees with all of the following: 
Terms and conditions of the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal
(Updated and valid from 10-04-2018)

1. Service provider

Company MAXXIS STORE DOO, headquartered in Belgrade, Bul. Mihaila Pupina 173/34, 11070 Belgrade, registered in APR under the registration number MB 20775076, VAT 107287078 is the official operator and distributor of the Internet portal CARGO-MARKET.COM, which offers to the users of services - advertisers in the Republic of Serbia free and paid publishing services and promotion of commercial messages on the Internet, for a successful realization of goods transportation in the country and abroad, by any means of transport.

2. Free services

CARGO-MARKET.COM portal provides the services of free publication of commercial messages - publishing transport requests, in accordance with the definitions in Article 2 of the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Serbia and Article 3, paragraph 8 of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia.

3. Paid services

CARGO-MARKET.COM portal provides paid services

- Promotions of free commercial messages - ads with the aim of increasing their visibility and visibility

- Advertising services through banners

- Booking services

CARGO-MARKET.COM portal reserves the right to change prices and structure of its paid services without notice, in accordance with its business policy.

4. Registration and advertising by users of services

CARGO-MARKET.COM is a portal dedicated to companies (B2B shipping portal). Registration on CARGO-MARKET.COM portal service is mandatory and is free of charge. Registration is done online by logging into CARGO-MARKET.COM by entering the necessary information for the registration of the company.

Upon receipt of the request, the same is processed by the authorized stuff at CARGO-MARKET.COM portal and if the minimum criteria are met, the company account is being activated at CARGO-MARKET.COM portal.
The CARGO-MARKET.COM portal assigns a user account to the company and activates a local company administrator who manages the user accounts within the company account (adds and manages user accounts within his own company).
The registered and logged-in user can post commercial messages (sending and receiving transport requests, transport quotations, booking requests  and transport orders) and/or use the system of electronic messages for contact with other users.

The service user can only have one registered account.

The registered user who posted the commercial message - transport offer / offer, has all the rights and obligations arising from the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Serbia.
Advertising on the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal, pursuant to Article 45 of the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Serbia, requires the identification of advertisers.

The registered user accepts the possibility of contacting the e-mail or telephone number: in order to realize the advertised message, as well as contact about the help or any promotional content by the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal.

The service user accepts that the content of his commercial message will be published on the CARGO-MARKET.COM website, as well as preferably on the Facebook page of CARGO-MARKET.COM, and as such he will be publicly available to everyone on the Internet.

Commercial messages - transport requests / offers / bookings / orders (including those using paid promotion services) must comply with the Advertising Act of the Republic of Serbia and the Copyright and Related Rights Act. Any commercial message that does not comply with the Advertising Act and the Copyright and Related Rights Act will be deleted from the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal with the notice to the advertiser.

5. Forbidden advertising

- It is allowed to advertise exclusively transport services, transport quotations, booking requests and transport orders.

- It is forbidden to advertise any other type of the services or products.

6. Forbidden advertising actions

When placing ads, users must respect the following prohibitions:

- It is forbidden to repeat multiple times the same or similar ad (spam)

- It is forbidden to insert URL of a company, web-shop or other site (especially a competitor or a website that promotes "earnings over the Internet") for the purpose of advertising

- It is forbidden to upload images that contain graphic processing for highlighting, logo of companies and other Internet portals as well as photos of persons (except for company and user profiles)

- It is forbidden to enter special graphic characters in the title or ad description in order to expose the ads

- It is forbidden to enter texts that are not related to the subject of advertising

- It is forbidden to enter tags (search words) in the ad description

- It is prohibited to intentionally place inappropriate ads or inappropriate content ads

7. Terms and conditions for sending electronic messages

CARGO-MARKET.COM portal offers to its registered users free messaging service (CM Messenger). Communication via CM Messenger is free, subject to the following prohibitions:

- It is forbidden to use CARGO-MARKET.COM to send offensive messages to other users

- It is forbidden to send spam messages to CARGO-MARKET.COM portal users. A spam CM message is considered a repeated CM messages that is not related to the advertisement

- It is forbidden to use URLs to ads or pages at CARGO-MARKET.COM in spam e-mails to other Internet users who have not previously given permission to receive such e-mails

- It is forbidden to send CM messages in which other portals are promoted directly or indirectly

8. Trading (cooperation) between users

CARGO-MARKET.COM does not interfere in trading between service users. Any trade or exchange between CARGO-MARKET.COM service users at its own risk and CARGO-MARKET.COM, or its authorized distributor Maxxis Store DOO, shall not be liable for any damages incurred during any transactions between service users. In any case, service users are called upon to be cautious in their mutual trade.

9. Copyright and prohibition of unauthorized copying and use of content published on CARGO-MARKET.COM

In accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Serbia, any kind, manual or software unauthorized copying and correction of contents or parts of content published on the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is prohibited. Content includes textual content of pages, commercial messages – transport inquiries, offers, bookings or orders or user data, photos, logos, graphic solutions, and all other contents that are considered copyrighted by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights. Maxxis Store LLC will prosecute the offender.

10. Data collection and processing

The collection and processing of data by CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is carried out in accordance with the following:

- CARGO-MARKET.COM portal from its registered users - the advertiser, collects personal or company data.

- Purpose, e.g. obligation to collect personal data for identification purposes is regulated by the Law on Advertising of the Republic of Serbia, Article 45. The purpose of data collection is also to prevent abuse in advertising as well as internal data processing in order to generate demographic reports.

- The collected data are stored in the CARGO-MARKET.COM database and are used for the realization or control of secure advertising on the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal.

- Persons who have access and who are using the data are: persons who have a contractual or employment relationship with Maxxis Store LLC or with a legal entity authorized by Maxxis Store LLC, the persons to whom the member enters into communication (to the extent necessary for communication), and all state bodies that, by force of law or court decision, have the right to use data.

- When data is changed, the service user who entered his data is obliged to update his data when he next sets the ads.

- In the event of unauthorized processing, users of services have the rights to protect personal data, as well as other rights that they are legally entitled to.

- Maxxis Store DOO is not responsible for the accuracy of the data entered on the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal by other persons, neither for the accuracy of the results of the processing of such data.

11. Sanctions for violation of rules and conditions

For any violation of the terms and conditions of using the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal, or disregarding the prohibition or violation of the law by the users of the service, it is possible to impose a warning, a temporary and permanent blocking of the CARGO-MARKET.DOO portal account. Generally, depending on the violation degree, the administration of the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal will first issue a warning, then a temporary blockade and at the end a permanent blockade of the account. Users whose account is temporary or permanently blocked have no rights or any compensation for damages because they could not use the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal during the blockade of the accounts.
Sanctions may also be applied in cases where there has been no violation of the rules and conditions in order to prevent the occurrence of damage or when due to a particular act or omission by the users, it complicates the business activity of Maxxis Store DOO or makes the operation of the CARGO-MARKET.COM Portal more difficult.

12. Exclusion of liability

CARGO-MARKET.COM excludes its own responsibility in accordance with the following articles of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia:

- In accordance with Article 16 of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia, CARGO-MARKET.COM is not responsible for the content of electronic messages exchanged by users using the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal message system.

- In accordance with Articles 17 and 18 of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia, CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is not responsible for the contents of the data stored in the database and / or published on the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal.

- In accordance with Article 19 of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia, CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is not responsible for content on other portals in case when users in their commercial messages or emails insert links that lead to these other portals.

- In accordance with Article 20 of the Law on Electronic Commerce of the Republic of Serbia, CARGO-MARKET.COM portal has no obligation to review the data that is stored, transferred or made available, or to examine the circumstances that would indicate the unacceptable operation of the users.

13. Exclusion of liability in case of unavailability and non-commercialization of messages

In case of force majeure or technical problems it is possible that the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is not available to all or to some of its users during certain time periods. In such cases, Maxxis Store LLC shall not be liable for any damage resulting from non-commercial communications. Maxxis Store DOO reserves the right to refuse to publish a commercial message for any reason, and in this case do not correspond to the eventual damage caused by this act.

14. Contact with the customer service team and the prohibition on the publication of the correspondence

When there is a need to contact with the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal customer service team, users are encouraged to use the contact form. The response of the administrator or customer service team of the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal does not necessarily reflect the position of Maxxis Store DOO, and accordingly, the users can not exercise any rights based on such written correspondence. It is forbidden any publication of the written correspondence of the customer service team of the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal with the user without the written permission of Maxxis Store DOO or its authorized person.

15. Privacy protection

Unpublished personal data of registered users will not be available to third parties and will be treated in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia. The exception is the request of the legal authorities of the Republic of Serbia, in which case the CARGO-MARKET.COM portal is obliged to submit the available data of the users to the authority at his written legaly based request.
Unpublished personal data of registered users are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.